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Beyond Beatmatching

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"Beyond Beatmatching - Take Your DJ Career to the Next Level" is free to read online. Here is the table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. How To Use Harmonic Mixing
    + Interview with Mark Davis, creator of the Camelot Wheel
  3. Integrate Mixed In Key With Your DJ Gear
  4. Visualize the Structure Of Dance Music
  5. Control the Energy Level
  6. Find And Play Unique Tracks
    + Interview with DJ Sasha
    + Interview with Mark Walker and Brian Tappert from Traxsource
  7. Create Your Own Mashups
    + Interview with DJ Prince
  8. Use Advanced Harmonic Mixing Techniques
    + Interview with DJ Enferno
  9. Build the Perfect DJ Laptop
  10. Mix a Flawless DJ Set
    + Interview with Markus Schulz
  11. Learn How To DJ In Nightclubs
    + Interview with Biz Martinez, talent booker for LIV Nightclub
  12. Build Your Brand
    + Interview with Ani Quinn
  13. Expand Your Reach With Social Media
    + Interview with Karl Detken
  14. Work with Your DJ Team
    + Interview with Ash Pournouri, Avicii's manager
  15. Where to Go From Here
  16. About the Authors

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